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Qué es BelecX Protocol (BEX)?. Toda la información sobre BelecX Protocol

The BelecX Protocol is an upgraded innovative platform of all previously DeFi-projects, improving their standard ways of operations, into becoming the pivot of web 3.0 financial applications built on the Binance SmartChain ecosystem.

The BelecX protocol will build and combine a Metaverse of the encryption industry + NFT + GameFi + Defi + blind box multi-looped encryption world based on previous standards.

Belecx Insights And Overview :

1. BelecX platform released two tokens {BEX and BEC}

2. BEC can be staked with a single token to obtain BEX, and BEC will be destroyed

3. Daily check-in of BEC source users. https://belecx.com/#/Earn/index

4. Farm mining: BEX, BEX-BNB, BEX-YFO, BEX-BEC. Four initial mining pools Farm mining can be injected into the mining pool in multiple phases for mining, And More pools will be opened with partners in the future. https://belecx.com/#/farm/index

5. NFT: There are five types of NFTs S, A, B, C, and D that can be minted through the BEC and BEX destruction modes.

6. NFT farms: 5 NFTs farms can be mined to obtain BEX. https://belecx.com/#/NFT/casting

7. Mystery Box (Blind Box): Blind box can be purchased through BNB to get S, A, B, C, D five kinds of NFTs. https://belecx.com/#/mystery/index

Tokenomics Details Of BEX
When BEX sells, swap on pancake, the relevant handling fee will be deducted: 5% of the contract to add liquidity, 2% to be destroyed, and 3% to be repurchased. The transfer of tokens between two addresses will not deduct the relevant handling fees.

BelecX Protocol BEX icon symbol

BelecX Protocol (BEX) is a token issued on blockchain of BNB

Sitio web: https://belecx.com/#/home

Gorjeo: https://twitter.com/BelecXToken

Charla: https://t.me/BelecXChat

Código fuente: https://github.com/belecx

Tablero de mensajes: https://belecxprotocol.medium.com/

BelecX Protocol Explorador:

BelecX ProtocolBelecX Protocol market

1 BEX = 0,0080792823065596 USD (-3.78%)
1 BEX: ≈ 0 EUR
Tapa del mercado:N/A
Volumen (24h):77.724 USD
Suministro circulante:No disponible
Suministro total:99.916.100 BEX
Rango de mercado:4187 / 10706

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